Mental Health First Aid®

Many of us carry first aid kits in our cars or have taken aa basic first aid course. Why? Perhaps we want to be prepared to help a loved one in a medical emergency or perhaps we have a desire to be of service if a stranger needs assistance.

Mental Health First Aid® is a blueprint for comfort, promoting recovery, and helping to reduce distress related to stressful situations, trauma, and crises. Think of it as a guide that gives you tools to build a trusting relationship that will help you to help others.

Not every person in psychological distress has a mental disorder. The information you learn during this class is designed to help you assume a helpful role when encountering a distressed individual and should not be used to diagnose or to replace a therapist.

Assess for risk of suicide and harm

Listen non-judgmentally

Encourage appropriate and professional help

Give reassurance and information

Encourage self help and other support systems

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