Emotional CPR (eCPR)

Overview of Emotional CPR (eCPR) Emotional CPR (eCPR) is a public health education program of the National Empowerment Center (NEC). It was developed out of the premise that emotional crisis represents an opportunity for deeper self-awareness, growth, and connectedness with others. While CPR is used to teach someone how to revive someone’s physical heart, eCPR is designed up to help us revive our emotional hearts.


eCPR Skills

Connecting: based on practicing an unconditional, accepting, non-judgmental presence with another person, and developing relationships based on mutual trust and respect. It is particularly important to connect at the heart level. We learn to be with not do to or for the person in distress.


emPowerment is a skill that is designed to help the person experiencing distress or crisis experience their passion and power to live a more fulfilling life. By the person assisting connecting as a collaborator, with wonder and curiosity the person in distress starts to experience their own power to heal and make decision.


Revitalizing emerges as the person feels freer to express their emotions and hopes. Then they can enter more fully into meaningful relationships, countering the fears, loneliness, or loss of meaning often at the heart of crises.


eCPR and Suicide Prevention One important application of eCPR is in the realm of supporting people experiencing suicidal feelings and thoughts. As mentioned above, eCPR practitioners learn how to create relationships of trust and mutual respect. Suicidal feelings are a part of the human experience, and in many cases may not actually be the expression of a true desire to die, but rather a loss of hope and a longing for a better life. eCPR teaches people to regain hope and how to move towards creating the life they want.


eCPR is Trauma-informed eCPR is helpful for persons who have experienced trauma such a natural disaster (hurricane Katrina was an inspiration for it) or interpersonal abuse. It is trauma-informed because emphasizes connecting, empowering, understanding, and expressing emotions which are central factors in healing from trauma.


eCPR is for Everyone: eCPR is not just designed for people in immediate emotional crisis. In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, there is much debate on how to reduce violence in our society. While there are no easy answers to this question, we believe that if the skills and values of eCPR were more widely taught and shared in our communities, that it could serve a valuable preventative function.


eCPR Builds Stronger Communities eCPR has broad application. It is used in culturally diverse communities, mobile crisis intervention, law enforcement, with communities and families in crisis and other environments.

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