Solace, a word meaning comfort in a time of sadness, is the title of a documentary theatre performance about suicide’s impacts on central Minnesota. Acts of Solace is a documentary theatre performance created from interviews combining truth with artistry to foster awareness about suicide in the region. Minnesota’s consumer-run mental health organization Wellness in the Woods knows storytelling is a powerful tool to foster greater awareness and decrease stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. With community sponsorships and a grant from The Five Wing Arts Council, the organization is working with community-based artist Haley Honeman to create this original performance to tell the stories of survivors, impacted loved ones, and people working to prevent suicide in the region. The performance is based on interviews and story circles with 70 people in the area. The objective of the performance and post-show dialogue is to increase public awareness and create a space for important dialogue about the topic. The performance is scheduled to tour the central Minnesota in June and July of 2017.

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